The continual improvement of our consumer safety approach is based on the commitment and contribution of our employees towards food safety and upgrading their knowledge & skill on food safety


In Hulhumale’, we operate our very own state-of-the-art cold storage facility built to meet international standards, that is one of the largest storage facilities in the country.

As the key cornerstone of our business, the facility give us the competitive edge required in ensuring we deliver products with exceptional care in a constant temperature controlled refridgerated enviroment thus maintaining the products at their highest quality.



Like most other operations UFS, too runs its own fleet of temperature controlled vehicles to deliver our goods.

This fleet have been enhanced with three brand new vehicles this year and a further vehicle will be received this year.


For United Foods, maintaining the Cold Chain and assuring HACCP standards is not just a tired phrase used in the company brochures. It is a fact of life for a company who is committed to be at the leading edge of maintaining and assuring quality for our discerning customers.

For this end, UFS have enhanced our operational capability by moving our products to and from the Warehouse in a temperature controlled vessel. While the present vessel is on long term hire the company, UFS is at the final stages of finishing work on our very own temperature controlled vessel which will further enhance our commitment to quality.